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Eleven Best Classroom Magazines for Upper Elementary Students in Spanish and English

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I love using magazines for the classroom with my upper elementary students. Classroom magazines are extremely versatile and can be used during whole-group reading lessons, literacy centers, independent reading, and during the science and social studies blocks. I recently wrote an entire blog post about how to use magazines in the classroom. However, as I was writing that blog post, I realized that I should create a list of the best classroom magazines in Spanish and English for those of you who are interested in using this awesome resource in your own classroom. 

So, without further ado, here are the best classroom magazines for upper elementary students. 

Picture of magazines with text overlay "Eleven Best Classroom Magazines for Upper Elementary in English and Spanish"
Click here to read about how to use classroom magazines to engage your upper elementary students.

Classroom magazines Scholastic

With a variety of titles to choose from and a ton of digital resources for students and teachers, Scholastic is the golden standard for classroom magazines. Keep reading to learn about the best classroom magazines Scholastic has to offer. 

Scholastic News 

This one should come as no surprise! I love Scholastic News especially when it comes to the ability to teach science and social studies concepts through reading. When I was a self-contained teacher, I often used my Scholastic News magazines during my science and social studies blocks. 

What makes Scholastic News one of the best classroom magazines currently available is the ability to access the Spanish version online. For those of us who teach in a bilingual or dual language setting, having ONE place where we can go to find quality reading materials in both English and Spanish is priceless. I love that the English subscription gives me access to the Spanish content as well. I don’t need an additional subscription to get the resources in both languages. And even though I have to print out the Spanish version for my students, I can easily put the pages into a three-prong folder and use them again and again. I can also share the PDF with my students virtually through Google Classroom, Canvas, Seesaw, or any other learning management system. 

If you would like to explore an issue of the Scholastic News magazine for free, click here. 


Storyworks is my absolute favorite magazine for upper elementary. With Storyworks, students have access to a variety of genres such as fiction, informational, poetry, argumentative… the list goes on and on. They even include articles to help students practice grammar skills and vocabulary. 

The one negative thing about Storyworks (and it pains me to say this) is that very few things are available in Spanish. You can find some digital Spanish articles in their older issues, but as of recently, they have not made those available. However, given the quality of this magazine, I still think it is an incredible resource. 

If you would like to explore an issue of Storyworks, click here


One of the best classroom magazines that connects math and reading in a fun and engaging way. This magazine is fairly new to me since I have been a departmentalized teacher for the past few years. However, I was blown away when I first saw it. My head was spinning with ideas on how to use this magazine in the classroom. 

The best part about this magazine is that students get to see how math applies to real life through the articles. One of the articles I explored was all about roller coasters and their angles. Who wouldn’t be interested in reading that? 

With so much to offer, DynaMath is definitely dynamite! You can explore it for free by clicking here.

Unfortunately, this magazine is not available in Spanish. 

¿Qué tal?

This is one of the best classroom magazines available exclusively in Spanish. I love this magazine for my English speakers because the texts are short, and the vocabulary is not too complex. These magazines will help Spanish learners gain more confidence in their reading. 

Another great feature of this magazine is that each article has a linguistic objective at the top. This makes it easy for teachers to target linguistic skills during the lesson. Even though you may be using one of the passages to teach a reading skill, you can also focus on the highlighted linguistic skill. Two birds with one stone, right!? A glossary is also included with each article to help students learn new words. 

You can click here to peruse a free issue of ¿Qué tal?


Another great option in the list of best classroom magazines in Spanish, Ahora is perfect for students who are a little more advanced in Spanish. The texts are longer, and the vocabulary is more sophisticated. I like to use this magazine with students who are nearing grade-level proficiency in Spanish. Just for reference, I teach fourth grade.

Similar to ¿Qué tal?, this magazine includes an objective for each article, making it easier for teachers to plan their lessons. It also includes linguistic supports, such as a glossary at the bottom of each page, to support comprehension. 

You can click here to check out a free issue of Ahora.

El sol 

This is the most advanced magazine in Spanish to make this list of best classroom magazines. This magazine is perfect for proficient readers. It still includes a glossary at the bottom of each page, but the text is much more rigorous. I don’t often get a chance to use articles from this magazine in my classroom, but if you teach middle or high school, or if you have kids in your class who need a challenge, this may be a great resource for you. 

Click here if you would like to look through a free issue of El sol. 

Best Classroom Magazines by Cricket Media 

With a variety of options, teacher guides, and the ability to save money with a virtual subscription, Cricket Media offers some of the best classroom magazines for upper elementary students (and other grade levels as well.) With selections in English and Spanish, keep reading to find a magazine that piques your interest. 

A picture of four magazines for the classroom with the title "Classroom Magazines for Upper Elementary in English and Spanish"
These awesome magazines for the classroom will capture your students’ attention with their eye-catching pictures and incredibly engaging articles.

Iguana Magazine

With a variety of topics ranging from history, science, world history, and more, this would be an amazing addition to any dual language or bilingual classroom. Even though this magazine is no longer in print, you can purchase old issues by clicking here. This means that you will be able to purchase single issues instead of a subscription and save some money. 

Iguana Magazine - Publications en Español - Single Issues

Unfortunately, the website does not offer a free issue that you can peruse. 

Spider and Cricket Magazines

Definitely worthy of being part of this list of best classroom magazines, both Spider and Cricket magazines are filled with fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and even art that will capture and inspire your students. With texts that range from 530–1260L, you will be able to find something for every child in your classroom. Spider is best suited for students in grades 3-5 (500-1010L), and Cricket is perfect for students in grades 4-6 (600-1260L). However, the overall structure of both magazines is very similar, which is why I decided to put them together. Unfortunately, these magazines are only available in English. 

In my opinion, what sets these magazines apart are the illustrations. Illustrated by renowned children’s artists, each page is truly a work of art. 

SPIDER Print Subscription (One Year)

You can browse through a free issue of Spider by clicking here. Click here to view a free copy of Cricket


This magazine is seriously adorable! With topics that include science, history, inventors, and artists, this magazine will be a winner in your classroom. This magazine is another great way to teach science and social studies through reading, which I love! After all, cross-curricular teaching is essential to provide opportunities for deeper learning. And to top it off, the pictures and illustrations are incredible! 

This magazine is only available in English (insert sad face!)

ASK Magazine | Science Magazine for Kids

Click here to view the free issue

Pictures of four magazines in classroom with the title "Eleven Best Classroom Magazines for Upper Elementary"
Using magazines in classroom ups student engagement and promotes student choice.

Final Thoughts! 

There you have it! The eleven best classroom magazines in English and Spanish for upper elementary students. If you would like to learn more about how to use magazines in the classroom, click here. I wrote an entire blog post about that.   

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Which of these magazines will you be trying first? Let me know in the comments. 

And as always, happy teaching! 

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