Welcome, teacher friend!

I'm Rebeca!

Welcome, teacher friend!

I'm Rebeca!

I am a military wife and mother of two who loves to stay active and spend time outdoors with my family. A Saturday family picnic at the park is one of my favorite ways to decompress and reconnect with my family.

On our real Saturday picnics, everyone looks a lot more disheveled, but I don’t think the internet can held that much “realness.” Also, we all look a bit older these days, but sometimes it is ok to live in the past. 

I am also a fourth-grade dual language teacher who is obsessed with all things teaching! I seriously drive my husband crazy sometimes with all the “work-related” stories. I am constantly looking for new ways to keep my students engaged and excited about learning a new language, and that is no small task. 

Two students laying on the floor working on a large story plot mountain graphic organizer.

In my classroom, we ditch the desks as often as possible. Any little change can have a big impact! I don’t believe you should have to spend your entire weekend planning for ONE lesson. There are plenty of strategies that will turn any simple lesson into a super engaging activity with very little prep involved. 

Because I like to keep things fresh and exciting, I struggled in the beginning of my career as a bilingual teacher. There aren’t many activities in Spanish available online. So when I could not find what I was looking for, I learned to create it.

Turns out, I love creating resources in English and Spanish, and I love sharing them with other teachers! It is so exciting to know that I can help teachers (and students!) around the world. I since I couldn’t find the help I needed, I want to be there for YOU! 

I know how overwhelming it can be sometimes! Trust me, I was there! Lesson planning, grading, attending ALL THE MEETINGS… there is just not enough time in the day to do everything. And then, you go home and have to take care of your own family (the laundry pile currently sitting in my laundry room does NOT let me lie.)

If I could get a dollar for all the late nights I spent creating activities out of thin air to use the very next day, well… I would be sitting at my private beach! 

Collaboration is so important! If we want students to become bilingual and biliterate, we must provide them with plenty of opportunities to TALK! Partner, group, and classrooms discussions are essential in any dual language classroom. 

Ever since I started this journey creating bilingual literacy resources for upper elementary, I have helped teachers save their time and sanity without compromising the quality of their instruction. And that is my goal - to simplify teaching for upper elementary bilingual teachers everywhere.

If you're anything like me, you want...

  • more time with your family 
  • fun and engaging lessons that don’t require you to spend hours (of your own time) planning 
  • lessons and activities that are meaningful and purposeful. No fluff!!! 

That’s why I started my TpT shop! My hope it to help busy teachers like you regain their time without losing confidence in their teaching. 

Before you leave...

I have created a FREE guide with nine teaching strategies for bilingual and dual-language teachers. 

In this guide, I am sharing nine bilingual teaching strategies that have transformed my instruction. These strategies are easy to implement and will make a huge impact in your students’ academic progress. Help all learners in your classroom achieve biliteracy and bilingualism with the strategies I am sharing in this FREE guide.